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Virgin Breaker Yuki 2 (1976) - Asian Erotica (Lots of rape and sex scenes)
Virgin Breaker Yuki 2 (1976) - Asian Erotica (Lots of rape and sex scenes)

[Image: 593ed704bbbc4.jpg]

Directed by: Yûji Makiguchi

Stars: Masumi Jun, Yuki Morisaki, Ryûichi Nagashima

Language: Japanese | Subtitles: English (embed)

Country: Japan | Imdb Info | Ar: 2.40:1 | Dvdrip

Also known as: Tamawarinin Yuki: nishi no kuruwa yûzukirô

Description: Based on a porno manga by Kosuke Miki and Tadashi Matsumori, this pair of short features follow the adventures of Yuki, who works in a Kyoto red-light district house of ill repute as a “tamawari,” or “virgin-breaker.” She’s the gal who gets first dibs on the new recruits to the brothel (some willing, some not), and it’s her job to break them in for future clients. In the slower sequel Yuki thinks she’s finally found love after some studly service, but as you might expected, things don’t quite turn out the way she expected.


[Image: 593ed6e5e633f.jpg] [Image: 593ed6e7656a5.jpg] [Image: 593ed6e90dec5.jpg] [Image: 593ed6ea82086.jpg] [Image: 593ed6ebc91ac.jpg] [Image: 593ed6ed7098a.jpg] [Image: 593ed6eef0faa.jpg] [Image: 593ed6f0a5cbb.jpg] [Image: 593ed6f26a4b7.jpg] [Image: 593ed6f59f488.jpg] [Image: 593ed6f89f361.jpg] [Image: 593ed6faf1323.jpg] [Image: 593ed6fe75031.jpg] [Image: 593ed701d4943.jpg] [Image: 593ed7043cc25.jpg] [Image: 593ed706461ff.jpg] [Image: 593ed7082aadc.jpg] [Image: 593ed70b1c2d9.jpg] [Image: 593ed70cd29de.jpg] [Image: 593ed70e47931.jpg] [Image: 593ed70fcb5b7.jpg] [Image: 593ed73a18675.jpg]

Virgin.Breaker.Yuki.II.1976.DVDRip.x264.mkv - 693.33 MB


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