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Asian Erotic Movies Collection
The Memory / duay rak kwam song jam (2010) - Thai Softcore
[Image: 53a33d4c5a0e9.png] [Image: 53a33d4fae29a.jpg] [Image: 53a33d5121141.jpg] [Image: 53a33d521bc56.jpg] [Image: 53a33d5312173.jpg] [Image: 53a33d544c94c.jpg] [Image: 53a33d554ef43.jpg] [Image: 53a33d56825b1.jpg] [Image: 53a33d57a1e77.jpg] [Image: 53a33d589fc36.jpg] [Image: 53a33d598e689.jpg] [Image: 53a33d5ab0e34.jpg] [Image: 53a33d5c4796b.jpg] [Image: 53a33d5d01ece.jpg] [Image: 53a33d5e0e09a.jpg] [Image: 53a33d5f16a0b.jpg]
[Image: the.memory.jpg]
The_memory.mp4 - 996.02 MB
Silip – Daughters of Eve (1985)

[Image: PgNi8.jpg]

Hot n spicy pinoy movie featuring former Miss Phillipines .. fully naked

Year: 1985

Duration: 02:05:38

Directed by: Elwood Perez

Actors: Sarsi Emmanuelle, Maria Isabel Lopez and Myra Manibog

Language: Tagalog (English subs)

Country: Philippines

Also known as: Daughters of Eve, Peeping, Deflorazione

Description: The film follows the life of a poor Philippine village on the coast of the ocean, the inhabitants of which have a natural way of life – bred bulls, fishing, meat trade, they bathe naked, copulating in thatched huts without being covered from view. Peaceful way of life interrupts a couple of young people who came from the city. One of them is a sister of local girl, who again gets love with a local boy Simon, sexually very attractive, because of which the conflict begins between women.

Review: With “Daughters of Eve” I met by chance, someone has advised on the forum auteur cinema. I, as a lover of rare film, interested in cinema Philippines. Initially represented similarity of Asian films that are perceived to me hard. But the film is a pleasant surprise. What? Their originality, apparently an island film is different, and does not feel a strong influence on me.

Desert …, the scorching sun, little vegetation, the ocean. Landscapes do not shine. A remote village where the residents eat, dress and live by living. – So begins the film. Beautiful girl, Tonya – the focus, it teaches children the Bible and puts it on the path of confrontation vice. But the suffering of your thoughts, dreams and desires. Then comes her sister, data – long since left the city. And so begins heated. Revealing the plot, I will not, but I will say that the director in the finals many times gives the viewer hope for a happy ending.

In the original film as Silip but “Daughters of Eve” captures the essence of a lot better. Women are vicious? No one can argue with such a generalization. But that is another story, as they say.

[Image: 558534d987fd4.jpg]

SILIP.mp4 - 850.15 MB
WOWWSOME THREAD AND HOTSOME COLLECTIONS[Image: happy.gif] [Image: love.gif] [Image: love.gif]
The Japanese Wife Next Door (2004)

[Image: BXOFi.jpg]

Year: 2004
Duration: 1:00:19
Directed by: Yutaka Ikejima
Actors: Reiko Yamaguchi, Kaoru Akitsu, Naohiro Hirakawa
Language: Japanese (English hardsubbed)
Country: Japan
Also known as: Inran naru ichizoku: Dai-ni-shô – zetsurin no hate ni (original title); Tonari no okusan: Hirusagari no dairankô

A businessman’s life is virtually complete; all he requires is a spouse. He meets two prospective women… But finishes up marrying the one who’s a secret nympho! Unable to satisfy her crave, the newest spouse seduces the remainder of his home — such as the businessman’s sister and grandpa!

Steamy, sexy and jaw droppingly hilarious, The Japanese Wife Next Door is a tight sixty-one mins of saucy incestuous mayhem. Totally acted by a surprisingly prepared cast and highlighted by Reiko Yamaguchi’s smoldering change as the feminine lead, it’s a film that’s as twisted as it’s a blast to view.

[Image: 5584057f970d6.jpg]

The_Japanese_Wife_Next_Door.avi - 912.99 MB
Luang Sawat (2012) - Hot Scenes Compilation

[Image: 556fa9bccb174.jpg] [Image: 556fa9bdcc266.jpg] [Image: 556fa9bebfdcc.jpg] [Image: 556fa9c0080e5.jpg] [Image: 556fa9c13245c.jpg] [Image: 556fa9c21a15f.jpg] [Image: 556fa9c31353e.jpg] [Image: 556fa9c4250af.jpg] [Image: 556fa9c51ea48.jpg] [Image: 556fa9c62eeff.jpg] [Image: 556fa9c734b10.jpg] [Image: 556fa9c833a56.jpg]
Borisat hansa lekha thirak (2012) - Hot Scenes

[Image: 556c8a1e36c74.jpg] [Image: 556c8a1fb67a7.jpg] [Image: 556c8a2146549.jpg] [Image: 556c8a229afda.jpg] [Image: 556c8a2401313.jpg] [Image: 556c8a25307e7.jpg] [Image: 556c8a282bc49.jpg] [Image: 556c8a29a9810.jpg] [Image: 556c8a2b151ae.jpg] [Image: 556c8a2c7b613.jpg] [Image: 556c8a2deb3fa.jpg] [Image: 556c8a2f3c711.jpg] [Image: 556c8a306a8ca.jpg] [Image: 556c8a31906af.jpg] [Image: 556c8a32e8d7b.jpg] [Image: 556c8a344df6e.jpg] [Image: 556c8a35d072b.jpg] [Image: 556c8a374844e.jpg]

p1.avi - 182.70 MB
p2.avi - 316.60 MB
p3.avi - 249.85 MB
p4.avi - 321.77 MB
Not able to download...can u please upload again "Could never be my mother"
Club Butterfly (2001) - Korean Erotica

[Image: 3pX9U.jpg]

Year: 2001

Duration: 01:38:28

Directed by: Jae-Soo Kim

Actors: Ni-ta Ah, Soo-bin Bae, Hyun-hee Kim

Language: Korean

Country: South Korea

Also known as: Keul-leob Beo-teo-p'eul-la-yi

Description: Another from the friend's collection. Here we have a married couple with some problems; the main one being a lack of excitement in their sex life. It seems that when one is ready, the other is not interested, and vice-versa.

Discussing their problems, they settle on trying a little getaway together to see if it spices up the old sack time. But, that also does not work out. So the husband, Hyuk, talks things over with a friend about the same time his wife, Kyung, is talking to one of her friends. The male friend suggests that they consider joining the "Club Butterfly," a nice swapping group. Will that work for two curious and horny, but somewhat prudish, people?

[Image: 556961320ac20.jpg] [Image: 5569613553caf.jpg] [Image: 556961387c09d.jpg] [Image: 5569613d1cf5a.jpg] [Image: 556961415c501.jpg] [Image: 5569614398c89.jpg] [Image: 55696147787c3.jpg] [Image: 5569614a24f97.jpg] [Image: 5569614de282e.jpg] [Image: 55696151ab8c6.jpg] [Image: 5569615712f72.jpg] [Image: 5569615c563f0.jpg] [Image: 5569615ec15e1.jpg] [Image: 55696161db4a4.jpg] [Image: 55696165a8246.jpg] [Image: 5569616717e63.jpg]

Club_Butterfly_2001.avi - 917.94 MB
Water Spirit Carming (2009) - Hot Scenes

[Image: 556c724ae3b27.jpg] [Image: 556c724c2f0fd.jpg] [Image: 556c724d8edc4.jpg] [Image: 556c724ed6bd5.jpg] [Image: 556c725014861.jpg] [Image: 556c725183dc2.jpg] [Image: 556c7252cf274.jpg] [Image: 556c725455e34.jpg] [Image: 556c7255bae07.jpg] [Image: 556c7256c8fa4.jpg]

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