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Angel Guts Red Classroom (1979) - Asian Erotica
[Image: 59b66839ee819.jpg]

: When Tetsuro, a writer for a porn magazine, watches a “rape” porn that is set in a school, he becomes obsessed with the lead actress, Nami, and tries to find her. He meets her by chance as he arrives for a shoot at a hotel, where she works behind the reception desk. She reluctantly agrees to discuss the possibility of working with him. When Nami takes Teruro to her room, she puts the moves on him, thinking he only wants her for sex. She confesses that she was actually raped in that film, and he tells her that he wants to help her. Despite this, he continues an abusive relationship with his girlfriend alongside his relationship with Nami.

[Image: 59b62d0014f9e.jpg] [Image: 59b62d08c16eb.jpg] [Image: 59b62d2083439.jpg] [Image: 59b62d2904d6a.jpg] [Image: 59b62d2d84e37.jpg] [Image: 59b62d3366655.jpg] [Image: 59b62d3908a93.jpg] [Image: 59b62d3e67687.jpg] [Image: 59b62d4645f16.jpg] [Image: 59b62d4b5068f.jpg] [Image: 59b62d51bfcee.jpg] [Image: 59b62d570040a.jpg] [Image: 59b62d5d74908.jpg] [Image: 59b62d61d7137.jpg]

[Image: 59b6688edaafe.jpg]

Angel.Guts.Red.Classroom (1979).mkv - 1.262 GB


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Angel Guts Red Classroom (1979) - Asian Erotica - by rahul - 09-11-2017, 10:43 AM

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